Why I started blogging?

Well, This was my plan from a very long time… right from the time I was developing an interest on Photography. Always wanted to share my views, my thoughts and my experiences with a wider audience until I lately realized that Planing to write is not writing, Writing is writing! So, finally here I’m, writing my first blog.

I strongly believe that you can listen to a story from every photo you see – only if you chose to listen.. this is what makes me like photography. And, it is one of the reasons to choose my Pen name.. err… ‘Key name’ as “ShutterSlang”, so that I can tell some story through my pictures that I post here. And sometimes, just stories 🙂

Not really a great reason to start blogging, but why shouldn’t I give it a shot 😉

What my blog is about:

My Blogs can be on a new photography technique I learned, any place I traveled, any hangout spot I just liked, any experiences that I feel might help you, movie or food reviews .. and anything worth sharing.

What my blog is NOT about:

I wouldn’t prefer writing anything that might hurt a particular community/religion/sex/region, basically anything that is controversial… 🙂

I have a list of topics on which my future blogs will be on, but this is all for now.

Happy Blogging and wish me luck!




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