Why What happens next will NEVER amaze you! ?

What Happens next will Amaze you“, “What you see next will BLOW your mind” – Does these headlines sound similar?  Do you feel that the time wasted on these posts/videos is never gonna come back, as the content is not even close to the promising headline? Then you are not the only one suffering from these headline headaches. We are just being hit with the posts which are taking advantage of the so-called “in-thing” !

Few websites/bloggers truly believe that these are the headlines that get them more readership.. but well, that might be true only to an extent probably when these headlines started flying in. Like any madness (read Trend) which lasts for few days to few months, these are no different. In fact, if you still follow these ‘techniques’ on your blogs/news posts, very soon if not already, you are going to lose your readers’ trust as these are treated just like another Nigerian Spam email which finds place only in the Junk-Email.

Even if the content or video you posted will surely AMAZE the readers/viewers, make sure you don’t use these ‘suffixes’ (read Taglines :P) to the headers only to ensure that you are not just another sheep that follows the flock.

What the headlines are:

Statements that give a glimpse of what the content is about, a clever way of presenting the news in a nut-shell without compromising on the content. It can also be done in a smart way of holding the interest by playing with words – again, Must be content relevant.

What the headlines are NOT:

A fancy ad that sells fake products, an attempt to m(f)ake an otherwise dumb news as viral, negative and offensive statements to get hits, overly-complicated play of words that confuse the users about the content.

In my future blogs, I will try not to have these “trending” catchy lines get hold of me 🙂

Good-bye for now and happy blogging!




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