Are you ready for your first assignment?

Though I don’t click often, I do regularly follow my favorite photographers’ works to stay inspired. And it was on one fine day I saw a post from one of my favorite photographers, announcing that they are hiring bloggers 🙂 Sent an email, followed by a test assignment, then by another assignment, and finally bagged the deal!!
I AM going to be officially blogging on their new website along with couple of other bloggers!!

Exciting, isn’t it??

BUT, here comes the first question – Am I good enough to be a paid blogger? considering the fact that I never blogged before.. except for a couple of scribblings. Second question – would I be able to meet his and his fans expectations? And Finally – Am I Ready?

I remember having a similar situation when a friend of mine asked for a pre-wed shoot a year ago, which was a first time affair for me. Of course, I said yes as I share a good rapport with the couple and they have the confidence in my work. But this situation is different – I have to be on my toes – as I have deadlines, I have to write refreshing content, and constantly meet the expectations of everybody!

I’m sure most of us would face this dilemma at some point in our lives – The Billion Dollar question – To do? or Not to do? 🙂
So, I thought of sharing my views on why one should accept their first assignment and why one shouldn’t.

Why should you say Yes:
You are confident and have enough tools to get the job done – of course in a better way.
You are selected against some competition – trust me you have the stuff which impressed your employer.
If you have done enough homework in the field, and if you are confident enough to keep your mojo running!
Tip: Set the expectations right, before-hand, to have a friendly relation throughout the project.

Why shouldn’t you say Yes:
You are not confident enough to convince your own-self, and your tools/gear wont suffice the requirement.
You were approached because they know you and only you but not your work.
You can’t sacrifice your weekends (if you are already working full-time elsewhere).
If you know you are being paid way too less for a fresher than the market.

Please put forward your views (in the comments below) even if you feel that they are contradicting mine 🙂

P.S: I took the offer, and my homework? – This blog! 😉



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