Left? or Right? – An MLM (multi-level-marketeer) call !!

You notice that a long forgotten acquaintance or an ex-colleague who is now just a Facebook contact, is liking your every post and photo these days. Then you get a message/call from him asking about you, and hows life’s treating you. For your similar questions, his answers would be quite interesting! In fact, like: – “Life is awesome now“, “I’m where I always wanted to be” etc. Further upon your inquiry, he might as well add… how terrible life was behind a corporate desk, and how his new “business” has taught how LARGE life is, in real.

Ring some bells? If NOT, the read on!

Beware – this might be that MLM call which might put you in soup*! Off-late, the names given to Multilevel marketing schemes are ‘e-commerce websites’, ‘direct selling business’ and other manipulative terms. But, at the end it’s all the same trick we have been falling for, for ages! You register by paying money – you buy a expensive rare product  – you recruit (read: Trap) two people – The Left and the Right!

Make them Register-Buy-Recruit and the chain system goes on!

Why do people fall for these?
Trust they have on the MLM’s.
Form 16’s (or similar tax related forms), checks and other artifacts to project they are legal.
Not leveraging Google’s mastermind to research on the genuineness of the companies.
Own too much money to throw away!

Why shouldn’t YOU fall for these?
Money never comes effort less.
No product will hold its value FOREVER in the market.
A product claimed ‘rare’ – doesn’t mean that it’s value is gonna appreciate over time.
If you observe the history of dozens of MLM companies – only the initial guys made money – Never did the down-line.

Points of interest: Meetings are often held secretly – I mean – no publicity, no flyers.. no NOTHING! Company name not revealed in initial discussions – a thumb rule taught to all recruits! Shouldn’t even discuss with family until you pay and get registered.

*Soup Story: The Soup can be sweet or sour depending how soon you taste it – which reiterates the above point – The initial guys win, and the down-line doesn’t !!

Play Safe and Happy Blogging!



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