That old but beautiful Exit door always attracted me, I could recollect many failed attempts to reach there. Mom warned me that it was Forbidden. All my childhood days were gone dreaming of the life behind that door – which might be more colorful, more playful, more butterflies, more rainbows and no restrictions – like the ones Mom imposed. She used to say that I can never return if I passed through that Exit – and she cried – EVERY TIME I tried going there..but little did I care!

By the time I reached youth, I was really tired of the obligations and the limitations life had for me. Dad, along with many others stopped me from doing what I wish to, they said it’s Dangerous – I doubt that! All they could think of was JUST bad?- why did Dad follow me everywhere??. Those were the days when thoughts of the Exit kept coming, which used to leave me thinking of the beautiful world that this world was not letting me go to. That might be a place where I wouldn’t be asked not to roam at late nights, NO questions asked. They said they cared – but I might be more cared and more pampered if they had let me go..

A place where I could’ve made a lot of friends; friends who would never make fun of me, no more. A better place – with better friends – but why the hell was I restricted to go there? My youthful life was spent in acting obedient, being nice with the not-so-nice people.

When I was old enough, to make my own decisions, it’s the love that stopped me to go behind that door – my love loves to be here – but who knows – there might be more love on the other side. A love that might not ask for anything – and just give me what I WANT!

OK, I might be selfish – but WHO is not?

Finally, I know it’s time to move on – Forever!

Today is the day… to get rid of everything – I made up my mind … gathered some courage..broke the barriers – ran towards the door though my feet hurt – any ways that’s the last thing this world can do to me – huh?- A world of limited choices, limited love and limited ME… and tomorrow is gonna be MY day, in a whole new world – a Dream World.

Little did I notice is the small board held high over the EXIT saying: 

” Thanks for visiting Heaven! “

~This blog is in response to the Weekly Writing Challenge, that you can find here: Oh, The Irony




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