Dear God – I hate You, for, I was born a girl; and only You had a control on that. Couldn’t blame Mom or Dad. I was just a puppet of their show. So, I blame it on You! Or is it all just Karma?

I was all set to see the first light! ‘It’s going to be a baby-girl’ – the doctor said. Not sure why my dad wasn’t happy. I would have loved him so much – had they let me out. But now I’m just few pieces of flesh – and I’m out – DEAD KILLED.

All right – This time I was born. Everyone loved me, and my uncle – a lot more. The secret game was more of a pain – which I shouldn’t share with anyone – Uncle told so. Little did I understand why he got me more chocolates than for my brother, little did I understand – what he wanted from a girl of 1/4th of his age.  Little did he know, how that little child is going to face the world – for the rest of her life. Nothing will he know  – of the scared eyes, an always-fearing girl who will be further bullied, and a heavy heart carrying the secret  with her forever.

Nothing ever changed in all these years – the night mares continue – in the form of stares if not scars, whistles and comments. After a failed love, I now know I was nothing but a toy for joy – abused. I sought Love, and he – Lust!

My heart needs love – but afraid of acid attacks,
My heart needs love – but tired of the getting laid.

I don’t protest, I stay calm – Yet I’m abused,
I give love, I give LIFE – Yet I’m abused.

I’m the Mary, I’m the Sri – Yet I’m abused,
I’m the wife, I’m the MOTHER – Yet I’m abused.

~ A girl’s voice from the feminist Me!

Lets stop teaching our daughters how to dress in Public – Lets teach our sons how to ‘behave’ !


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