Time Traveler

“This machine better work” I prayed for the nth time before hitting the ‘close’ button. “Thud” – The door closed with a loud sound but not louder than my heart beat at that time. I was feeling excited, confused, sad, happy all at the same time, because after all these years of hard work… I was finally going to test drive this machine. “0-1 – 0-1 – 2-0-0-1” I whispered to myself as I keyed in those digits ultra carefully. I chose this year for a reason – That’s couple of years before I met her in real. I wanted to surprise her by telling her few memories which only she knew, so that at least she believes that I traveled in time.
I have no plans of meeting myself, as I was not sure of what would  happen – thanks to the numerous Hollywood movies for giving all the scary thoughts of what happens if I meet myself.

After hitting ‘Start’ button, the machine whirled for couple of seconds making me dizzy, and my vision blurry. As the machine reduced its speed and I could see clearly and realized that I was no more in my lab! The door opened slowly as the machine came to a halt. Used my pocket remote to put the machine in stealth mode, and came out on to the street, that I once knew, played, and in fact lived on.

The smell from the road-side restaurant still felt the same – hell – No!, it is the same – it’s just me who ‘came‘ to it from after many years. I walked to my the then home – and I could see many bicycles parked out – probably my brother’s friends – those cycles look so familiar – Nostalgia!  I also heard few voices which I knew for sure – Brother’s, few friends of his, and the last one was my own. It was so funny. Looked like they are going to play cricket. Weird that I remember this day clearly and I know the winner of this new year match as well. How can I forget the day I lost my 5 rupee coin that I have won (or going to win?!) in that match !! Ahh… I moved on before they saw me – I’m sure I didn’t want to meet myself.
Started walking to the main road through the colony which was UN-familiarly familiar – Weird!
-“Where to”
“SS colony”
-“2 rupees”
The auto started and I was a bit nervous about meeting her much before our actual meeting date. I recognized her house and started walking after paying the auto-driver. I could see a girl chatting with her friends and I clearly know who she was, but I waited for her to turn back. Didn’t know what her reaction would be, when she sees me. But anyways, she will never know that she met her future love!

She turned back all of a sudden – saw me and shouted – “Freeze, close your eyes”.

She knows me? I was shocked, thinking about what happens next – with my eyes closed, tighter than ever. If something goes wrong – I was all set to hit the remote button which will get my time machine to me in a second.

“I know you will come .. I caught you” – she screamed in joy. I was sweating heavily, closing my eyes even harder. I think its time – I pressed the button from the top of my pocket.

Then flashed a heavy light that I could sense from my closed eyes, followed by a big sound…I opened my eyes and looked around… I don’t see her – or her friends any more. All I could see is the titles scrolling on the TV. The titles are from the movie ‘The Time Machine’ which just ended – The movie, which kept playing as I dozed off on my couch watching it.
I’m on MY couch.. at my home.. . Uff.. It was all a dream – A dream that felt so real..

This is NOT in response to the Weekly Writing Challenge: Digging for Roots, though that acted as a prompt for this post 😉



That old but beautiful Exit door always attracted me, I could recollect many failed attempts to reach there. Mom warned me that it was Forbidden. All my childhood days were gone dreaming of the life behind that door – which might be more colorful, more playful, more butterflies, more rainbows and no restrictions – like the ones Mom imposed. She used to say that I can never return if I passed through that Exit – and she cried – EVERY TIME I tried going there..but little did I care!

By the time I reached youth, I was really tired of the obligations and the limitations life had for me. Dad, along with many others stopped me from doing what I wish to, they said it’s Dangerous – I doubt that! All they could think of was JUST bad?- why did Dad follow me everywhere??. Those were the days when thoughts of the Exit kept coming, which used to leave me thinking of the beautiful world that this world was not letting me go to. That might be a place where I wouldn’t be asked not to roam at late nights, NO questions asked. They said they cared – but I might be more cared and more pampered if they had let me go..

A place where I could’ve made a lot of friends; friends who would never make fun of me, no more. A better place – with better friends – but why the hell was I restricted to go there? My youthful life was spent in acting obedient, being nice with the not-so-nice people.

When I was old enough, to make my own decisions, it’s the love that stopped me to go behind that door – my love loves to be here – but who knows – there might be more love on the other side. A love that might not ask for anything – and just give me what I WANT!

OK, I might be selfish – but WHO is not?

Finally, I know it’s time to move on – Forever!

Today is the day… to get rid of everything – I made up my mind … gathered some courage..broke the barriers – ran towards the door though my feet hurt – any ways that’s the last thing this world can do to me – huh?- A world of limited choices, limited love and limited ME… and tomorrow is gonna be MY day, in a whole new world – a Dream World.

Little did I notice is the small board held high over the EXIT saying: 

” Thanks for visiting Heaven! “

~This blog is in response to the Weekly Writing Challenge, that you can find here: Oh, The Irony



For My Love, I Live Again {Weekly Writing Challenge- Find a Muse in the Masters}

nighthawks_by_edward_hopper_1942Took up the weekly writing challenge of Find a Muse in the Masters, and here is my take, from the Secret Lover’s point of view:

I came here tonight, like any other night – afraid – that I wouldn’t see you tomorrow.
But to see you here – I live again…
For me – tomorrow is just a dream of tonight- So, I live again…
My almost-dead love rises every night, the muted hope sings aloud – So, I live again…
The orphaned letter needs a revision- So, I live again…
The untold story needs to be heard, the lonely heart needs to be loved – So, I live again!





Are you ready for your first assignment?

Though I don’t click often, I do regularly follow my favorite photographers’ works to stay inspired. And it was on one fine day I saw a post from one of my favorite photographers, announcing that they are hiring bloggers 🙂 Sent an email, followed by a test assignment, then by another assignment, and finally bagged the deal!!
I AM going to be officially blogging on their new website along with couple of other bloggers!!

Exciting, isn’t it??

BUT, here comes the first question – Am I good enough to be a paid blogger? considering the fact that I never blogged before.. except for a couple of scribblings. Second question – would I be able to meet his and his fans expectations? And Finally – Am I Ready?

I remember having a similar situation when a friend of mine asked for a pre-wed shoot a year ago, which was a first time affair for me. Of course, I said yes as I share a good rapport with the couple and they have the confidence in my work. But this situation is different – I have to be on my toes – as I have deadlines, I have to write refreshing content, and constantly meet the expectations of everybody!

I’m sure most of us would face this dilemma at some point in our lives – The Billion Dollar question – To do? or Not to do? 🙂
So, I thought of sharing my views on why one should accept their first assignment and why one shouldn’t.

Why should you say Yes:
You are confident and have enough tools to get the job done – of course in a better way.
You are selected against some competition – trust me you have the stuff which impressed your employer.
If you have done enough homework in the field, and if you are confident enough to keep your mojo running!
Tip: Set the expectations right, before-hand, to have a friendly relation throughout the project.

Why shouldn’t you say Yes:
You are not confident enough to convince your own-self, and your tools/gear wont suffice the requirement.
You were approached because they know you and only you but not your work.
You can’t sacrifice your weekends (if you are already working full-time elsewhere).
If you know you are being paid way too less for a fresher than the market.

Please put forward your views (in the comments below) even if you feel that they are contradicting mine 🙂

P.S: I took the offer, and my homework? – This blog! 😉