Time Traveler

“This machine better work” I prayed for the nth time before hitting the ‘close’ button. “Thud” – The door closed with a loud sound but not louder than my heart beat at that time. I was feeling excited, confused, sad, happy all at the same time, because after all these years of hard work… I was finally going to test drive this machine. “0-1 – 0-1 – 2-0-0-1” I whispered to myself as I keyed in those digits ultra carefully. I chose this year for a reason – That’s couple of years before I met her in real. I wanted to surprise her by telling her few memories which only she knew, so that at least she believes that I traveled in time.
I have no plans of meeting myself, as I was not sure of what would  happen – thanks to the numerous Hollywood movies for giving all the scary thoughts of what happens if I meet myself.

After hitting ‘Start’ button, the machine whirled for couple of seconds making me dizzy, and my vision blurry. As the machine reduced its speed and I could see clearly and realized that I was no more in my lab! The door opened slowly as the machine came to a halt. Used my pocket remote to put the machine in stealth mode, and came out on to the street, that I once knew, played, and in fact lived on.

The smell from the road-side restaurant still felt the same – hell – No!, it is the same – it’s just me who ‘came‘ to it from after many years. I walked to my the then home – and I could see many bicycles parked out – probably my brother’s friends – those cycles look so familiar – Nostalgia!  I also heard few voices which I knew for sure – Brother’s, few friends of his, and the last one was my own. It was so funny. Looked like they are going to play cricket. Weird that I remember this day clearly and I know the winner of this new year match as well. How can I forget the day I lost my 5 rupee coin that I have won (or going to win?!) in that match !! Ahh… I moved on before they saw me – I’m sure I didn’t want to meet myself.
Started walking to the main road through the colony which was UN-familiarly familiar – Weird!
-“Where to”
“SS colony”
-“2 rupees”
The auto started and I was a bit nervous about meeting her much before our actual meeting date. I recognized her house and started walking after paying the auto-driver. I could see a girl chatting with her friends and I clearly know who she was, but I waited for her to turn back. Didn’t know what her reaction would be, when she sees me. But anyways, she will never know that she met her future love!

She turned back all of a sudden – saw me and shouted – “Freeze, close your eyes”.

She knows me? I was shocked, thinking about what happens next – with my eyes closed, tighter than ever. If something goes wrong – I was all set to hit the remote button which will get my time machine to me in a second.

“I know you will come .. I caught you” – she screamed in joy. I was sweating heavily, closing my eyes even harder. I think its time – I pressed the button from the top of my pocket.

Then flashed a heavy light that I could sense from my closed eyes, followed by a big sound…I opened my eyes and looked around… I don’t see her – or her friends any more. All I could see is the titles scrolling on the TV. The titles are from the movie ‘The Time Machine’ which just ended – The movie, which kept playing as I dozed off on my couch watching it.
I’m on MY couch.. at my home.. . Uff.. It was all a dream – A dream that felt so real..

This is NOT in response to the Weekly Writing Challenge: Digging for Roots, though that acted as a prompt for this post 😉