{Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge} Barks or Leaves



{Weekly Photo Challenge} – Minimalism

This one is for the weekly photo challenge 🙂 Minimalist. A pretty old one though!



P.S: And another one from past (I know the ugly watermark spoils the mood – but dint have the actual one with me right now):

paper boat

Happy Weekend!


Project 365 failure – A Realization

Couple of years back, just like any newbie into Photography, I got attracted to Project 365, which if you don’t know already – is a self-driven project where you post a picture every day for a year. It can be from your archives or a ‘fresh’ picture, though the latter is preferred!

I took up this challenge and my initial days went on Photographing a subject each day.. starting with roads I travel, flowers in my balcony garden, school kids, sunrise, sunset and umpteen other things that came across my lens. All the hours in office were spent on thinking of what to shoot today – and there were few weeks where I just ended up clicking something just before the clock struck 12. I, once, gave ten bucks to a beggar just because he made an interesting subject!

I liked the pressure that was built which made me think beyond boundaries, though it was tiring on a busy and long work day. One of my crazy clicks was that of a cookie with ketchup (you read it right!) spread as a heart-shape so that it matches my theme (V-day).

Celebrated milestones when I reached Day 23, Day 100, and so-on, and very soon it became an addictive habit of mine.. Things were going fine, until one day when my girl-friend burst out telling how I have been ignoring her for more than 5 months!!

Well, that was a BLOW of my life! Never did I realize how much I ignored her…

When I looked back.. She sacrificed movies for photo-walks, dinners for my last minute photo efforts, and HERSELF for letting me do what I loved.

Finally – took my last picture for the project – for Good, as I learnt the Lesson in a tough way:

Hobbies First – Relations Next


RELATIONS first – Hobbies Next !!

P.S: We are happily married for more than a year now, and I’m an occasional shooter (She being my assistant), a mid-night sketcher (She being my critic), and a weekend blogger (She being my proof-reader)!

Happy Shooting and Happy Blogging!