I’m Not Yet There, But I’m Running!


Run, boy , Run – the voices in my head scream..
Still long way to go, I’m not stopping
I’m afraid I will lose, didn’t stop playing
Scary audience, but I’m not shying away
Cant beat them, but I’m not dying
Never gave love, but I aint leaving

I fall, I fail, I lose yet I try..
Look back at my game – I’m not there
Scrap off some pictures – I’m not there
Sketches are random scribblings – I’m not there
Broken relations – I’m not there

Never been there – But I’m trying
Not yet there – But I’m running !



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Let The Love Glow

It’s pictures time this weekend, so here is a phone shot of us!
Always have an eye for shadows and this time its along with her.. After all, waking up early on a Saturday did help!
Clicked using my Lumia 720, and edited using the same.


The 7 Golden Rules of Blogging

So true!

Cristian Mihai

It’s Blogging Week here at Cristian Mihai blog (yeah, I don’t have a fancy name for my blog). We’ll talk about blogging, different tools that make blogging easier, and other stuff. The other stuff is mostly related to some of the do’s and don’t of blogging, what works and what doesn’t.

Everything you’re about to read is common sense. So, please, don’t expect some 3 step tutorial to gaining a billion followers.

And now for today’s post. 7 Golden Rules of Blogging.

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