Left? or Right? – An MLM (multi-level-marketeer) call !!

You notice that a long forgotten acquaintance or an ex-colleague who is now just a Facebook contact, is liking your every post and photo these days. Then you get a message/call from him asking about you, and hows life’s treating you. For your similar questions, his answers would be quite interesting! In fact, like: – “Life is awesome now“, “I’m where I always wanted to be” etc. Further upon your inquiry, he might as well add… how terrible life was behind a corporate desk, and how his new “business” has taught how LARGE life is, in real.

Ring some bells? If NOT, the read on!

Beware – this might be that MLM call which might put you in soup*! Off-late, the names given to Multilevel marketing schemes are ‘e-commerce websites’, ‘direct selling business’ and other manipulative terms. But, at the end it’s all the same trick we have been falling for, for ages! You register by paying money – you buy a expensive rare product  – you recruit (read: Trap) two people – The Left and the Right!

Make them Register-Buy-Recruit and the chain system goes on!

Why do people fall for these?
Trust they have on the MLM’s.
Form 16’s (or similar tax related forms), checks and other artifacts to project they are legal.
Not leveraging Google’s mastermind to research on the genuineness of the companies.
Own too much money to throw away!

Why shouldn’t YOU fall for these?
Money never comes effort less.
No product will hold its value FOREVER in the market.
A product claimed ‘rare’ – doesn’t mean that it’s value is gonna appreciate over time.
If you observe the history of dozens of MLM companies – only the initial guys made money – Never did the down-line.

Points of interest: Meetings are often held secretly – I mean – no publicity, no flyers.. no NOTHING! Company name not revealed in initial discussions – a thumb rule taught to all recruits! Shouldn’t even discuss with family until you pay and get registered.

*Soup Story: The Soup can be sweet or sour depending how soon you taste it – which reiterates the above point – The initial guys win, and the down-line doesn’t !!

Play Safe and Happy Blogging!



FreshPaint – A Review

Will write a detailed review on Microsoft’s Fresh Paint in my later post.. But for now, here is a quick sample paint – freshly posted from Fresh Paint

Project 365 failure – A Realization

Couple of years back, just like any newbie into Photography, I got attracted to Project 365, which if you don’t know already – is a self-driven project where you post a picture every day for a year. It can be from your archives or a ‘fresh’ picture, though the latter is preferred!

I took up this challenge and my initial days went on Photographing a subject each day.. starting with roads I travel, flowers in my balcony garden, school kids, sunrise, sunset and umpteen other things that came across my lens. All the hours in office were spent on thinking of what to shoot today – and there were few weeks where I just ended up clicking something just before the clock struck 12. I, once, gave ten bucks to a beggar just because he made an interesting subject!

I liked the pressure that was built which made me think beyond boundaries, though it was tiring on a busy and long work day. One of my crazy clicks was that of a cookie with ketchup (you read it right!) spread as a heart-shape so that it matches my theme (V-day).

Celebrated milestones when I reached Day 23, Day 100, and so-on, and very soon it became an addictive habit of mine.. Things were going fine, until one day when my girl-friend burst out telling how I have been ignoring her for more than 5 months!!

Well, that was a BLOW of my life! Never did I realize how much I ignored her…

When I looked back.. She sacrificed movies for photo-walks, dinners for my last minute photo efforts, and HERSELF for letting me do what I loved.

Finally – took my last picture for the project – for Good, as I learnt the Lesson in a tough way:

Hobbies First – Relations Next


RELATIONS first – Hobbies Next !!

P.S: We are happily married for more than a year now, and I’m an occasional shooter (She being my assistant), a mid-night sketcher (She being my critic), and a weekend blogger (She being my proof-reader)!

Happy Shooting and Happy Blogging!


Are you ready for your first assignment?

Though I don’t click often, I do regularly follow my favorite photographers’ works to stay inspired. And it was on one fine day I saw a post from one of my favorite photographers, announcing that they are hiring bloggers 🙂 Sent an email, followed by a test assignment, then by another assignment, and finally bagged the deal!!
I AM going to be officially blogging on their new website along with couple of other bloggers!!

Exciting, isn’t it??

BUT, here comes the first question – Am I good enough to be a paid blogger? considering the fact that I never blogged before.. except for a couple of scribblings. Second question – would I be able to meet his and his fans expectations? And Finally – Am I Ready?

I remember having a similar situation when a friend of mine asked for a pre-wed shoot a year ago, which was a first time affair for me. Of course, I said yes as I share a good rapport with the couple and they have the confidence in my work. But this situation is different – I have to be on my toes – as I have deadlines, I have to write refreshing content, and constantly meet the expectations of everybody!

I’m sure most of us would face this dilemma at some point in our lives – The Billion Dollar question – To do? or Not to do? 🙂
So, I thought of sharing my views on why one should accept their first assignment and why one shouldn’t.

Why should you say Yes:
You are confident and have enough tools to get the job done – of course in a better way.
You are selected against some competition – trust me you have the stuff which impressed your employer.
If you have done enough homework in the field, and if you are confident enough to keep your mojo running!
Tip: Set the expectations right, before-hand, to have a friendly relation throughout the project.

Why shouldn’t you say Yes:
You are not confident enough to convince your own-self, and your tools/gear wont suffice the requirement.
You were approached because they know you and only you but not your work.
You can’t sacrifice your weekends (if you are already working full-time elsewhere).
If you know you are being paid way too less for a fresher than the market.

Please put forward your views (in the comments below) even if you feel that they are contradicting mine 🙂

P.S: I took the offer, and my homework? – This blog! 😉


Why What happens next will NEVER amaze you! ?

What Happens next will Amaze you“, “What you see next will BLOW your mind” – Does these headlines sound similar?  Do you feel that the time wasted on these posts/videos is never gonna come back, as the content is not even close to the promising headline? Then you are not the only one suffering from these headline headaches. We are just being hit with the posts which are taking advantage of the so-called “in-thing” !

Few websites/bloggers truly believe that these are the headlines that get them more readership.. but well, that might be true only to an extent probably when these headlines started flying in. Like any madness (read Trend) which lasts for few days to few months, these are no different. In fact, if you still follow these ‘techniques’ on your blogs/news posts, very soon if not already, you are going to lose your readers’ trust as these are treated just like another Nigerian Spam email which finds place only in the Junk-Email.

Even if the content or video you posted will surely AMAZE the readers/viewers, make sure you don’t use these ‘suffixes’ (read Taglines :P) to the headers only to ensure that you are not just another sheep that follows the flock.

What the headlines are:

Statements that give a glimpse of what the content is about, a clever way of presenting the news in a nut-shell without compromising on the content. It can also be done in a smart way of holding the interest by playing with words – again, Must be content relevant.

What the headlines are NOT:

A fancy ad that sells fake products, an attempt to m(f)ake an otherwise dumb news as viral, negative and offensive statements to get hits, overly-complicated play of words that confuse the users about the content.

In my future blogs, I will try not to have these “trending” catchy lines get hold of me 🙂

Good-bye for now and happy blogging!



Why I started blogging?

Well, This was my plan from a very long time… right from the time I was developing an interest on Photography. Always wanted to share my views, my thoughts and my experiences with a wider audience until I lately realized that Planing to write is not writing, Writing is writing! So, finally here I’m, writing my first blog.

I strongly believe that you can listen to a story from every photo you see – only if you chose to listen.. this is what makes me like photography. And, it is one of the reasons to choose my Pen name.. err… ‘Key name’ as “ShutterSlang”, so that I can tell some story through my pictures that I post here. And sometimes, just stories 🙂

Not really a great reason to start blogging, but why shouldn’t I give it a shot 😉

What my blog is about:

My Blogs can be on a new photography technique I learned, any place I traveled, any hangout spot I just liked, any experiences that I feel might help you, movie or food reviews .. and anything worth sharing.

What my blog is NOT about:

I wouldn’t prefer writing anything that might hurt a particular community/religion/sex/region, basically anything that is controversial… 🙂

I have a list of topics on which my future blogs will be on, but this is all for now.

Happy Blogging and wish me luck!